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Our Story

Being Smarter, Being Talented

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Founded in 2015, Smarter Mobi is dedicated to building an international mobile advertising platform. We have gathered a team of top industry talent here, dreaming of spreading our clients' influence over more regions of the globe. 


We grew up in an era when Ad Network were on the rise, yet our ambition is not limited to just being there. We knew that the future of mobile advertising was just around the corner. We began our transformation into an app developer and developed our own programmatic ad exchange platform.


It turns out that we are on the right track, providing advertisers, publishers, and independent app developers with efficient advertising options. We are also constantly creating a more secure trading environment, such as adding ad fraud prevention tools, traffic identification tools, etc. to our platform. Additionally, we’re expanding our advertising business from the most common channels of Android, iOS, Roku CTV ads and exploring Apple TV to keep strengthening the connection between people and mobile and CTV.

Our Milestones

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Our Values

Create Value for Customers

We insist on listening to our customers' demands sincerely, helping them to create value and providing better customer experience.

Respect the Creativity of Our Team

We respect differences and create conditions for employees to give full play to their creativity and protect their potential.

Learning by Practicing

We are constantly encountering new problems and solving them in practice. We believe that the best way to learn is to stop thinking and start doing.

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