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Engage your full monetization potential with the world's best advertisers. We are constantly enhancing our network of relationships with our global demand partners, enabling ways for you to collaborate with them. Additionally, we'll assist you in seeking the integration strategy that will yield the optimum ecpm for your inventory.

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Full Monetization Potential

Getting software developers as well as publishers to run the best quality ads on inventory and maximize the value of inventory is what we are relentlessly pursuing. Even with a global pool of quality advertisers and a constant flow of advertising budgets, we are always striving for a new type of programmatic advertising ecosystem.


Efficient Integration Methods

We offer a variety of flexible integration methods, oRTB, PreBid or JS/VAST tags. Monetization is simple on our platform. Once integrated, your inventory will be featured on over 50 significant DSPs after integration for increased ecpm.


Protected Ad Marketplace

We have stringent requirements for the security level of our platform, which has built-in tools to monitor malicious and fraudulent ads. Pixalate is the data fraud protection platform we have been working with for over two years, providing us with comprehensive protection in terms of malicious traffic detection (pre-bid Blocking), ad fraud, and private data. We are confident that we can provide a clean, protected marketplace for advertisers, publishers and users alike to have the best possible advertising experience.

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