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We put a priority on procuring the best inventory and optimizing value for brands and marketers. When it comes to assisting advertising in precisely reaching their target consumers, we also set other objectives. For instance, enhancing user engagement while also accelerating the rate of profitability and reaching a bigger target population.

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Premium & Omnichannel Inventory

We are not only an app developer (Android & IOS & ROKU CTV), we are also an advertising solution company. Through our platform, you can seamlessly connect with thousands of reputable publishers and precisely target your audience.

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Accurate Targeting

We will leverage our third party data to develop audience listings that better fit your desired user profile in addition to securing the trading marketplace. With over tens of millions of downloads and more than 150,000 user reviews, we presently have a sizable number of European and American users across iOS, Android, Roku, and Android TV. You may immediately reach them by logging into our ADX platform.

Support for Different AD Types

We support a variety of ad types covering different channels to provide the best ad experience to viewers.


Strong Support&Operations Team

We will use our proprietary platform to create and monitor your campaigns, and base on that, our 24/7 operations team will provide you with transparent and visual reporting and analysis to continuously optimize your campaigns.

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